Nasi goreng is a Southeast Asian fried rice dish, usually cooked with left over pieces of meat and vegetables. It is an easy one pan recipe that takes about 20 minutes. What is great about this dish is that you can use any combination of vegetables like spring onions, pepper, carrot, onion, green beans together with any leftover protein like cooked chicken, steak, tofu, mince etc. The distinguishing ingredient for authentic Nasi Goreng is kecap manis, a sweet soy sauce that stains the rice dark brown and caramelizes the rice when it cooks. We cheated and just used regular Soy Sauce.

We used a pack of cooked rice for this dish but you can cook your own rice if you prefer. Please note that the rice mush be chilled before adding to the pan. Hot rice will just go soggy.


Veggies chopped up small. We used carrot, snow peas, onion, garlic (Thinly sliced) and half a red pepper.

Bag of cooked rice.

3 eggs

Cooked meat, fish or tofu. We used cooked chicken.


Heat up some Olive Oil in a cast iron pan and add the veggies. Cook until they get some color. Remember ‘No Color, No Flavor’.

Add the bag of rice and continue to cook. After a few minutes add a tablespoon of water.

Move the rice to the side of the pan to make a space in the middle. Add 2 or 3 eggs. Let them cook a little and then break them up.

Add your meat or fish to the pan and continue to stir. Season to taste. We used salt, pepper, Soy Sauce and some hot sauce (Olivers idea).

Lightly oil a round bowl.

Spoon the rice into the bowl and pat down until firm.

Place a dinner plate on top of the bowl and quickly turn it over.

Remove the bowl and there you have a Nasi Goreng (Close Enough). Eat and enjoy.